SINCE 1955

Screen Graphics started out as an offset print shop in Plymouth, Michigan.  The company enjoyed fast growth and success by providing the highest quality printing, while giving their customers the best service.

Throughout the decades, Screen Graphics has expanded their operations by adding new technology and providing additional services. The company moved north to Indian River, Michigan in the mid 1970’s, where Wes Allen, second generation, continued to expand from offset printing into flat screen printing and beyond.

For the future, third generation family member, April Atkinson is continuing in the footsteps of father and grandfather by expanding the operations throughout the Midwest.



I started in Screen printing business at the age of 13.  My first job was cleaning up after my dad after he would print shirts.  I used to love going to the shop and listen to stories that my Grandma would tell me or listen to my Grandpa tell a story to someone that he was pulling there leg.  I continued to work at Screen Graphics after school and during the summer, printing shirts.  After I graduated from High School I went to North Central Michigan College and received my certificate in bookkeeping.  I learned to run all the machines and then continued into managing inventory, accounting, customer service, shipping, etc.  I left Screen Graphics and went to collage to further my education at LSSU where I graduated with my Associates in Health Care Provider, and obtained my nurse license.  I have always had a passion for printing, I think it’s in my blood.  I came back to Screen Graphics to bring it forward and because it is an amazing business.  I have been making changes for the future to better us in the printing industry.



Worked most of my childhood in the Printing Business that my father started. Relocated from Plymouth Michigan in the early 1970’s to Northern Michigan, where I finished High School. After a short time at college I joined the Air Force. Came back to Northern Michigan in the late 1970’s to work again with my father in the printing business. After many years in offset printing, my father introduced me to screen printing in the mid 1980’s. After that I was hooked.


Our employees on average have been with us for over 20 years. We work together like a family and treat our customers the same way.

Their craftsmanship is second to none and you will see the difference in your project. You can count on our experienced employees to use the highest quality of standards and beyond.